The Governing Body

Control of the Utilities Board is vested in a three-person board of directors appointed by the governing body of the City of

Sylacauga for six-year staggered terms. The current members of the Board of Directors of the Board, the dates of expiration of their current terms of office, and their present principal business or professional affiliations are set forth below:

Name Expiration of
Current Term
Business or
Professional Affiliation
Dale H. Baker
July 1, 2024 Retired General Manager
Sylacauga Utilities Board

Brad Porch


July 1, 2026

Project Manager

Blue Bell Ice Cream

Mark Tapley July 1, 2028

Retired Executive

Avondale Mills

Management and Personnel

The chief executive of the Utilities Board is the General Manager, Mitch Miller, who reports directly to the Board of Directors. John Ham, finance director who reports to the general manager. Each system governed by the Board includes a superintendent that is responsible for the daily operation of the respective systems. The Utilities Board currently employs 50 operating personnel, and employees are classified by job descriptions with pay scales based on annual wage surveys of local industries and comparable utilities. Personnel policies are set by the Board of Directors and frequently reviewed. Employees of the Board are not represented by a union.

Administrative and General Personnel

In addition to the personnel employed in the Electric, Gas, Telecommunications, Water and Sanitary Sewer Departments, the Board has 12 employees classified as Administrative and General. This group includes management, meter readers, billing and clerical employees. In all, 62 personnel are employed by the Utilities Board. The total revenue for the Board from all sources was $42,678,887 during Fiscal Year 2019.