Weather Preparedness

Power outages, Disasters and Storms! How can you and your family be prepared when the unexpected hits our community? Sylacauga Utilities is on-the-job working for you to keep you ready for anything that may happen.

In the event of:

  • Power Outage - Visit Steps to Restoring Power to figure out what you should and should not do in the event of power outages.
  • Are you using a generator? Make sure to look at Currents Generator Safety to keep your family safe from an accident.
  • Tornadoes, Thunderstorms and Hurricanes - Don't wait for storms to hit! Use this handy Storm Watch Guide to prepare your home inside and out for a storm. Also make sure to use the segment that shows you how to get a disaster supply kit together. If you're ready for any kind of weather, make sure you know what's coming by tuning into your local weather station, weather radio or online visit

Finally, make sure to visit our printable storm response reference page complete with listed instructions for any weather or electric emergency, and complete with phone numbers. It's perfect for printing out to hang on your refrigerator and go over as a family to plan for your safety.