Telecommunications Department

Telcom DepartmentThe world is moving rapidly toward a knowledge-based economy. Communities like Sylacauga need access to high-speed networks and a solid base of well-educated workers in order to compete or even participate in this new economy. With this in mind, the Board constructed a State-of-the-Art fiber optic network. This network allows our community to have access to high-speed telecommunication services that were previously only available in much larger cities. The Utilities Board has recently begun an upgrade of the fiber optic network that increases available bandwidth to the outside world at a blazing 10 Gigabits per second (GBPS). Newer technology now deployed to residential and business subscribers across the Sylacauga network will have 1 Gbps capability.

All of Sylacauga's schools are connected through this powerful network, which allows students and teachers to benefit from high-speed Internet access, distant learning and videoconferencing.


The Board uses this network for its telemetry needs to monitor electrical substations, gas regulators station, industrial metering equipment, water plants, water tanks, sewer plants and lift stations plus many other applications.

High-speed dedicated Internet service access is available to a large number of our residential and small business customers over our existing fast Ethernet backbone. This will allow us to rival broadband modems offered by Community Access Television (CATV). The eventual goal is to provide high-speed Internet access to anyone in our territory at competitive prices with superior service.

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